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Build Confidence

Helps to boost confidence & helps to make the learning process easier.

All Strokes

Helps to improve all the strokes.

Learn to Swim Faster

Excel the learning process in the correct manner.

Strengthen Core

Helps to improve & strengthen the core.

Latest News

New Shark Swim Fin

New Shark Fin now available @ R 350,00 excluding delivery. Orange & yellow available.

Quick Delivery

Quick Postnet to Postnet Delivery available @ R 99,00 for every 1 or 2 fins.

What Clients Are Saying

What Swimming instructors thinks about the new Shark Swim Fin

Nadia Joubert

Swimming Instructor

”I have been an swimming instructor for 2 years and the shark swim fin really help me with the learn to swim process, making it a lot easier . “


Swimming Instructor

”Strengthens the core which is one of the most important things to learn for stroke correction. “

Gracie Benon

Swimming Instructor

” Children loves it, they think it is fun which makes the whole learning experience easier. “